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Zeen Freight, is a licensed registered freight forwarding company, based in Johannesburg and Pretoria  South Africa. Zeen Freight was found by a visionary black female entrepreneur with extensive experience in the freight industry, Zeen Freight specializes in innovative and cost effective logistical solutions. We service clients with import and export shipments via air, road, sea providing customs clearing, insurance, consolidation and freighting of dangerous goods. It is our unique combination of experience, industry relationships, and the range of services that allow us to provide logistics services tailored to our clients’ freight needs. Zeen Freight is committed to service excellence, offer a high degree of reliability, while remaining cost-effective.
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"Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. Our company vision is to be the world’s leading freight provider. The business arena of the logistics world is evolving at an exceedingly swift pace because of the growing needs of the supply chain market. This has created an insatiable demand for flexibility. Since its incorporation, We have devised logistics solutions for air freight, ocean freight, road freight and customs."  

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CEO, Zeen Freight


 We are one the most trusted international freight forwarder in South Africa We understand freight forwarding and our client's needs depth of experience and industry relationships. We are  commitment to service excellence 24-hour collections Standard rate collection service . 
Air Freight Service

We are affiliated to the leading commercial freight airlines departing and arriving in South Africa and offer collections with immediate dispatch to ensure that your freight is delivered on-time consistently. We provide a comprehensive customs service that ensures that your air freight is accompanied by all necessary documentation for the countries of origin and destination.

Customs Clearing 

Zeen Freight is a registered freight forwarder and licensed Customs Clearing Agent  with the South African Revenue Services  (SARS). This service is provided for  all shipments entering and exiting South Africa  according to SARS regulations and  procedures which includes cross-trade world wide.

Road Freight  Service

Zeen Freight offers full support for all of your road freight needs. We supply road freight to all countries within the African continent accessible via road. We operate through an established network of road freight carriers who have been through our extensive screening process.

Sea Freight Service

Zeen Freight’s sea freight service is the best way to handle large-scale international logistics. We work with an established network of sea freight transport providers to ensure that your freight is transported via the most time and cost-effective means. We handle all customs documents for countries of origin and destination. 


We are a team of like-minded individuals who not only bring our own professional experiences, innovative ideas, creativity and methodologies but can leverage each others’ talents and strengths to provide our clients with the best fright service In this way, we can figure out solutions to the most complex of challenges and deliver practical yet impactful solutions to our clients.


"As a project manager, I have come to rely on Zeen Freight to get my products delivered to my projects. Our product and install portion of the construction industry is saturated with companies that can sell product. Our success comes from the service side. We count on vendors being our partners with same sense of urgency as we have. I personally count on Zeen Freight team as my number 1 partner. There hasn’t been a time Zeen Freight hasn’t come thru for me. Whether routine or hot rush they deliver every time on time."
- Charl Grobler